Mermaid blowing maternity dress/maternity gown/chiffon train/sweetheart top

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This gorgeous, elegant dress perfect to use for a photo shoot or special events. The dress is very light "flying" dress, which makes it easy to use with the wind and more dramatic effect. Wonderful maternity dress for your Maternity Photo Shoot or other special events. Also fabulous for: senior photo shoot, music, artist photo shoot or modeling events!

Soft, semi-transparent fabric wrapped around your body and falling all the way to the floor. Has it visually enlarges the whole silhouette and adds dynamics to your ensemble, as every time you are in a move it would float behind you like wings, catching the smallest air motion.
Perfect for throwing in the air for that gorgeous windblown effect, or letting it pool at your feet.

Beautiful stretch fabric and chiffon infinity dress made to order with several yards of stunning flowy chiffon material. 

With a passion for quality work, as well as a love for family, our seamstresses design these beautiful dresses with a focus on passion and purpose. Our mission has always been to make quality maternity dresses at the price that anyone can afford, and we have exceeded even our own expectations for excellence.

Being an expectant mother comes with lots of stress… however, ordering maternity dress shouldn’t be part of that anxiety! We stand by our work, and look forward to serving you, with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction!
When you order a dress from KorinnArt, you can be assured that you have the highest quality, most comfortable dresses on the market, with the legendary customer service and experience you truly deserve.


We're in KorinnArt make the dresses with love and we hope you will fall in love with them too. :)
With more questions please contact us!

Mermaid blowing maternity dress/maternity gown/chiffon train/sweetheart top

Mermaid blowing  maternity dress/maternity gown/chiffon train/sweetheart top
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